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Whimsical Wall-Art (to make your home feel like the opposite of your office)

Whether you live in a huge home or a tiny apartment, one of the most important pieces to define your space is your wall art. 

Wall decor is crucial to setting the tone and theme of your place. If this is your first time decorating, that probably sounds pretentious. But trust me – you can fill a space with gorgeous furniture and finishes, but if there’s nothing to catch the eye above waist-level your place will always feel barren.

Here’s the thing – you don’t want to overdo it, but you also don’t want to keep it too simple. Hanging up one big, cheap print in a thin bordered frame makes it look like you still live in your university dorm room.

Here are some new ideas to try out:

Create a Wall Collage

This isn’t a collage that sits within a single frame. Make your own wall collage featuring prints in a variety frames that have different textures and designs. To keep the look interesting without it being distracting, use neutrals (white and black, or gold and silver) with pops of complementary colours.

Find Unique Pieces to set Tongues Wagging

Guests love to comment on a great piece. Picking up cool prints in exotic locales or developing your travel shots makes for an even better conversational piece when someone asks you where your gorgeous new prints are from.

If you are set on the classic Marilyn Monroe quotes or Breakfast at Tiffany images, choose ones with a graphic twist that matches your theme. You want the art to reflect your personal style rather than something that can be found in everyone else’s home. Etsy is one of my favourite sites for customized twists on classic art.

Incorporate Unexpected Accent Objects

A ceramic and sequin re-imagining of the classic buckhead that used to hang on the wall of your parent’s cottage.

Don’t limit yourself to just using pictures! Building in wall accents (something like a modern, ceramic buck head or a 3-D wall art or hanging planter) that complement your frames will bring dimension and depth to your collage so that it really catches the eye.

The idea is to incorporate a 3D piece or new textures to bring some depth into the wall collage. Another way to achieve this is to display your collage above a bar cart or side table where you set out a bunch of cute accessories.

The wall collage and table accessories brighten up an otherwise ‘blah’ decorating scheme: walls, floors and furniture all in the same neutral colour palette.

Where Do I Find All This Stuff?

This is completely unsponsored, but my favourite spots are:

  • Homesense for fun frames at a low price point
  • Indigo (their Home line): for wall prints and geometric wall planters or accessories
  • Wayfair for everything else (wait until their monthly sale to order).

What do you think – has a wall collage been the thing missing from your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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