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Today’s Professionelle is an online destination for chic, professional women in the modern workplace. If that sounds like you, then you are one of today’s professionelles!


Years ago, if you had asked me to tell you my story, I would have told you that I was one of the youngest candidates admitted to a top-tier Canadian law school. I then became a lawyer at an elite Bay Street firm, where I thought all my career dreams would come true.

Today, though, I’d tell you that my story is much, much bigger than all those things that used to define me. And so is yours.


Today’s Professionelle is the brainchild of working in a professional industry and finding a serious culture gap for young, ambitious women who also enjoy style content and devour celebrity gossip.

At your office holiday party, what can women contribute while all the male partners are discussing their favourite aged whiskey (um, yawn)? At your next big client meeting, how can you steer the conversation away from yesterday’s football game and into a topic of discussion that showcases your personality? And do you absolutely have to wear heels to that meeting if you really don’t want to?

For years I was told that professional women have to play by unspoken rules – men’s rules – in the business world. Today’s Professionelle is a chance to re-write those rules and make them work for us.


Click around and stay a while. I promise you’ll find something for you.

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